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CBD is used by hundreds of thousands of people for benefits ranging from inflammation relief to improvement in sleep. One of the active compounds in hemp and marijuana, CBD (or cannabidiol) extracted from hemp is a safe, legal, natural substance available in pills, drops, salve and dozens of other products—and it produces none of familiar psychotropic “high” effects found in traditional marijuana. Hemp-derived CBD is used by athletes, entertainers, business leaders and everyday people all over the world.

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Do you need medical marijuana?

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Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the United States have found that marijuana has been an effective treatment for a variety of problems ranging from chronic pain to nausea to insomnia. It is also a common treatment for patients who have cancer or a variety of other diseases. In 2018, the ten most common ailments for which medical marijuana was prescribed were:

  1. Chronic pain

  2. Cancer

  3. Muscle spasms

  4. Multiple sclerosis

  5. Nausea

  6. Glaucoma

  7. PTSD


  9. Neuodegenerative Disease (ALS, Parkinson’s)

  10. Epilepsy

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Marijuana/CBD laws

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In 33 states, it is legal for marijuana to be used by patients who have a recommendation or prescription from a medical doctor. Each state has a framework for patients to be examined and certified by a physician, and for a medical marijuana card to be issued. In 10 states, marijuana is legal for any adult to purchase, regardless of if use is for recreational or medical purposes.

CBD is available in all the states where medical marijuana is legal, along with several others where medical marijuana is restricted. Make sure you understand the rules where you live before you buy CBD.

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