You may be interested in what Xenical has to offer if you are looking for an effective means of losing weight. However, taking this drug does require the use of a prescription.

Plus, you may have very different weight loss needs than some other people and it is very important to recognize that a doctor’s consultation is in line if you if you are considering taking this drug. Plus, you must have a prescription so going through at least a brief medical history with your primary doctor or an online licensed physician will be a necessary step in accessing this drug regardless.

Xenical is most commonly prescribed to people as a part of an overall diet and exercise program. For the best results, this drug should be taken as part of an individualized or custom plan to ensure the highest degree of effectiveness for this drug. In addition, it should also be noted that this drug is most commonly taken as part of a low-calorie and low-fat diet. It is important to remember that no drug, prescription or nonprescription, should be taken in the place of proper dieting and exercise. Nothing can replace the full range of benefits offered by healthy living and active lifestyles.

Furthermore, Xenical has been found to be most helpful for use with patients who are already overweight and suffering from negative health conditions commonly associated with being overwight, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

An important element that distinguishes this type of prescription drug from some of the others that are intended for use with weight loss programs is that Xenical is actually designed to help prevent people from gaining back the weight that they have already managed to lose. This drug is able to do this through its ability to stop certain amounts of fat consumed by patients from integrating with the intestine. It is able to prevent fat absorption because it is a lipase inhibitor, preventing the absorption of fat and causing it to pass out of the patient’s system through their stool.

Because of Xenical’s ability to prevent some fat from foods from absorbing into one’s system, this has caused some people to assume that they can simply consume as much fatty foods as they wish without consequence. However, there is a threshold as to how much fat can be prevented from absorbing into the system. If not other measures are taken to lose weight or to cut fat from one’s diet, taking this drug will not be enough to keep up with a diet overloaded with fat and will likely be rendered useless. This includes closely monitoring and limiting both the quantity of fatty foods as well as the individual fat content of foods. It is usually suggested to avoid consuming foods with fat contents of over 30 percent while taking this drug.

You will be able to experience the best rate of success by establishing a complete weight gain prevention program with your doctor and taking your prescription medication exactly as instructed. This particular drug is most often consumed several times throughout the day, including once with every meal, especially with meals that are high in fat.

Report any negative symptoms to your primary physician such as nausea, dizziness, rapid weight gain or loss, severe mood swings and other distinct changes in the way you feel.

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