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Temovate is just one of many options for itchy skin

Itchy dry skin can be a nightmare, and can affect sleep, eating patterns and general daily life. A treatment that regularly gets suggested by doctors is Temovate, which is a topical cream that contains Clobetasol Propionate to help get to the site of the problem and help to regenerate healthier skin cells. The cream can be applied directly to the site of the irritation for immediate relief and can be used up to twice a day for maximum effect. The cream is designed to start having a visible effect on the skin after a matter of days, but the effects may not show for 2 weeks in the most extreme cases. After this point, it may be suggested to try a different treatment, as results are unlikely to be seen after this point.

People who use the cream often may see brilliant results, however with all treatments there are likely side effects which people planning to use Temovate should be aware of. Firstly, the cream can cause some thinning of the skin over time as it causes local atrophic changes to the skin when applied frequently. There are also risks of a change in the skin pigmentation where the cream is applied. This is generally a gradual side effect which fades again as soon as the cream application is stopped.

Most doctors will advise the use of more natural treatments or certain lifestyle changes to compliment more modern remedies such as Temovate. Skin dryness can occur when the body is not well hydrated, so it is always suggested to drink plenty of water and make sure the right balance of salt is incorporated into the diet to ensure that the body can retain moisture. Certain perfumes and cosmetic creams contain harmful chemicals and alcohol which can dry out the skin and leave it feeling sore and fragile, so these should be avoided and any cosmetic items used should be checked to make sure the ingredients will not irritate the skin. Clothes and detergent used to wash the clothes should be kind to the skin and should not rub or chafe, especially in the areas where the dry skin is most prone. A gentle application of Temovate to these areas can help alleviate tension and stop the itching that can follow.

The most important advice to remember when trying to clear up eczema and improve the condition of psoriasis is to keep trying. There are endless amounts of treatments on the market which have different chemicals, minerals, medicines and natural remedies found within them. Many people suffering from extreme conditions may try only one or two of these before they become disheartened by the lack of improvement in their condition. Temovate is just one of the treatments that could be the gateway to better and healthier skin, and there are always changes that can be made to make living with eczema and psoriasis much more bearable.

The best decision someone with a skin complaint can make is to see a dermatologist and talk the problem over. New treatments are becoming available all the time and this will be the best way to find out if there is a new option that is more suited to the individual’s health needs. There are so many success stories online about those who had almost given up hope of finding a solution to their skin problem until they found the one treatment that worked, so it’s worth looking around to see if there are any that haven’t been tried yet. Perhaps Temovate will be the winning formula for those suffering from chronic eczema or psoriasis.

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