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Is Synalar better than alternative therapies?

The drug Synalar is a good treatment for those who have severe skin complaints such as eczema and psoriasis. This drug contains active ingredients which work together to feed into the skin cell and protect it from further damage while helping to repair the skin cells that are damaged by the condition. This is welcome news to those who suffer from these skin conditions as they can often rule the individual’s life, causing them to cover up on hot sunny days and wear clothing that may be inappropriate and uncomfortable because of the fear of showing their condition to others.

The ingredients in treatments such as Synalar help reduce the swelling and inflammation that comes with eczema and psoriasis. This can happen when the body sends antibodies to infected or damaged areas of the skin which need repairing, and these antibodies can create swelling, pus and sensitivity which can make the condition even more uncomfortable for those suffering from it. There are also ingredients in this treatment that work to create a barrier between the itching and the scratching. It does this by reducing the itchy feeling caused by the irritated skin which in turn reduces the need to scratch the affected area. Once this begins to happen, the individual no longer feels the need to touch the sensitive parts of skin and this allows healing to begin.

There are other ways to help with sensitive and damaged skin besides using Synalar or other topical steroid creams. Some people swear by natural home remedies such as avocado and cucumber which has cooling qualities and also feeds the skin with nutrients. Using fresh ingredients is also thought of as a good way to help the skin. Avoiding the sun’s harmful rays is often suggested by the doctor, but there are those that believe that a quick and safe dose of sunlight to the skin can actually feed it with the vitamin C it needs to repair itself and regenerate as healthier cells.

One quite radical treatment is found in the heartland of Iceland, known as the Blue Lagoon. This naturally heated spring is a mecca for adventurous holiday makers, but has recently seen an increase in a different type of holiday maker – those with eczema. It is rumored that the combination of minerals found in the water at the site contain a miracle cure for badly damaged skin, sunburn, wrinkles, eczema and even acne. Some people who visit this site claim that the effects of the water on the skin last long past any holiday tan that might have also been achieved. The benefits of this kind of treatment are that there are no reported side effects other than a persistent longing to go back – this is more than can be said for treatments such as Synalar, which can have adverse reactions on the skin if the individual has intolerance to it. Normally this can be determined by a spot test of the treatment, which is left on for 24 hours before assessing whether any side effects, swelling or allergies have appeared on the spot as a reaction to its use.

Most people, however, will opt for Synalar over an expensive holiday to the Land of Ice and Fire because there are far more medical studies that suggest the benefits of the steroid cream. Although there are many who are convinced that minerals and spring water are the best thing for eczema, it seems that there is nothing more convincing that facts and figures from a reputable medical body. This is why so many people will continue to be prescribed Synalar for their skin complaints.

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