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Muscle relaxants such as Skelaxin

Those who have pains and strains cause by muscle injury may be recommended to take Skelaxin to help with their recovery time. This is prescribed as a muscle relaxant which can help take the strain off the damaged muscle and give it time to repair. This is because many muscles are never truly relaxed and can take much longer to heal while still in use, so it is recommended to find ways to help the muscles relax so that the healing can happen sooner. If muscles are left injured for too long, they can begin to heal in a way that permanently changes their function, and this can lead to future injuries and an inability to use that muscle properly in the future.

Muscle relaxants are supposed to be used by those who are not in manual labor jobs or are responsible for heavy machinery. This is because the treatment of injured muscles using Skelaxin or similar treatments can leave the body limp or not fully functional. This can be dangerous for those who rely on having full body function to properly carry on their daily activities. In these cases it is recommended to take leave from work or from these activities while Skelaxin is prescribed so that the individual can relax and take weight off the muscle and give it time to repair itself.

The drug works by blocking signals to the brain and also affects the way that muscles communicate with the rest of the body. Some people taking Skelaxin may feel symptoms similar to heavy limbs or slight numbness in joints, which is an expected side effect of muscle relaxants. However, some of the side effects of drugs such as Skelaxin are very similar to symptoms of much more serious health problems and even heart attacks and strokes, so those who find themselves suffering from these side effects may want to get them verified as safe by the doctor.

Some of the more serious side effects of the treatment Skelaxin include digestive issues and some sickness and jaundice. Discoloring of waste products can also occur. Most people, however, will have slightly less concerning side effects such as lethargy, irritability and a little sickness while they adjust to the treatment, and while it is wise to clarify the nature of these symptoms with a doctor, they aren’t normally anything to worry too much about. One of the main things to consider when taking Skelaxin is the age of the patient taking it. In very young people this drug can have some side effects which last a little longer into adulthood, and those who are elderly may want to consider a different treatment, as this treatment is on the High Risk list for those who are classed as elderly or frail.

Many athletes will become aware of these types of drugs as they advance through their careers as they are most likely to sustain some kind of muscle injury along the way. They may find that their physician advises against constant repeat prescriptions of the drugs as it can, in some extreme cases, cause longer term effects on the muscles which can affect performance. More athletes are beginning to favor natural remedies and plenty of rest when trying to heal an injured muscle, as this can have less of a lasting effect on the body and does not upset training programs. There is also the issue of drugs like Skelaxin showing up in urine tests in sports in which these may be classed as disallowed. While generally these treatments are marked as safe, some athletes still prefer to limit the amount of chemicals they treat their bodies with.

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