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The many uses of Remeron

Remeron is a treatment with many uses. It is widely regarded as an antidepressant, but is also used for many other uses beyond that. The treatment Remeron is used by those who feel periods of lowness, depression and anxiety, and is prescribed by a doctor usually after an initial assessment. Once this has been done the individual is allowed a certain amount of the treatment to help them with the condition that it has been prescribed for.

Other uses for the drug Remeron extend way beyond depression and panic attacks. The drug can also be used for those who have a personality disorder such as schizophrenia, or those who might be bipolar or have extreme personality disorders that have similar symptoms. The drug is used on these patients as it has a sedative effect and levels out the hormones of the brain so that it does not cause such extreme fluctuations in the way that the personality behaves. It can also be used for those who have eating disorders such as anorexia nervosa and bulimia as it can treat the way the brain processes certain functions and thoughts, making bingeing and purging less likely. It also levels out manic episodes which may be seen as causing the eating disorders to happen.

Less severe conditions that may require the treatment of Remeron include nausea and sickness, as it can balance out the chemicals in the body that cause these feelings and generally settle the mood of the individual so that these feelings are not as obvious. The antidepressant and serotonin-increasing chemicals within Remeron are the main reason that it has so many uses.

The problem with the drug being so flexible is that it also causes many more side effects and has lots of interactions with other drugs. Those who take Remeron for less serious reasons may find that it increases the chance of suicidal thoughts and feelings of manic depression. For this reason it’s not normally prescribed for those under the age of 25, as this is more likely in those who are quite young. The drug can cause some edgy side effects such as aggression, restlessness and irritability which can get worse over time. If this happens it is worth discontinuing use and seeking medical advice as this could be a symptom of something worse.

Remeron can sometimes cause side effects in those who have other illnesses or family medical history of certain illnesses. Those who have disease of the kidney or liver may not be advised to take the drug, as is the same for those who suffer from epilepsy and other conditions that can cause seizures and fits. Family histories of heart attacks, high blood pressure and strokes need to be careful when considering Remeron as their treatment option as this can sometimes also cause problems. Generally the advice is to talk with a doctor before choosing the medication, and also disclose full family medical history to make sure there is nothing that could cause a negative side effect from taking the drug.

Those who want to take Remeron over a long period of time will need to make regular appointments with their doctors to make sure they are not becoming dependent on the treatment, and it may be advised to gradually wean off the drug rather than stopping it all together if the individual decides that they no longer want to take Remeron. This is especially true for those who have side effects and feel that these are directly being caused by the medication, as there may be serious withdrawals from stopping straight away from using the medication.

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