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The use of Ranitidine for those who are bedbound

Ranitidine is a drug that can help reduce the amount of acid in the stomach and help lower and get rid of the pain caused by acid and heartburn. It works as an antihistamine to reduce itching and swelling, and is great to help combat the effects of itches, soreness and pain caused by allergies. The treatment of Ranitidine can come in many different sizes, with measures between 150 and 300ml and also other amounts in liquid format. This helps those who may need different amounts of the treatment depending on the severity of their symptoms.

Ranitidine is popular as people tend to report far less side effects and unwanted ailments caused by the drug in comparison to others that may have side effects. This is good news for those who want to treat their heartburn and acid or reduce their allergic reactions but do not want to have to cope with sickness, headaches and more importantly unnecessary sick days from work. This means that they can take the treatment and carry on with their daily life without having to worry that they may not be fit to work. It also means that the individual can take the drug at any time of day without worrying that it might prevent them from sleeping, or even worse cause drowsiness when operating heavy machinery.

Some doctors will prescribe Ranitidine as an intravenous drug, meaning that it can be added right into the bloodstream via a vein. This means the drug can work quicker and get to the specified location within the body much quicker, and also can be used in smaller and more targeted doses. It can be used to keep stomach acid down to a minimum and treat it when it may otherwise cause nasty and unpleasant side effects such as burning in the throat and stomach, a poor taste in the mouth, gas and also wind. If left untreated, this can often lead to severe cramping and can cause serious side effects in some of the worst cases.

Ranitidine is a common drug to be prescribed to patients suffering from acid reflux, and is often prescribed after the doctor does some simple examinations to make sure that this is the cause. This drug can make the heartburn sufferer’s daily life much more bearable and can also have a positive impact on their sleeping patterns – this is because some of the conditions that Ranitidine is known to treat can actually cause restlessness around bedtime and get in the way of a healthy sleeping pattern.

Normally a course of Ranitidine will last for around 5 weeks. It can reduce some ulceration of the stomach for those who are bedbound and can help those in intensive care who may have other preexisting conditions that could lead to a buildup of acid in the stomach. Because it is water soluble and can be mixed with fluids, it is a useful drug to be administered to those who are bedbound or even unconscious, as this method of administration does not require any eating or drinking to occur. It is a good method of treatment for those who are nil by mouth.

For the most part, those who take Ranitidine will have been prescribed them in pill forms rather than as an injection. These can simply be taken at a mealtime or in the morning and will get to work immediately in helping the digestive system and relaxing acid buildup. It is very easy to get hold of and most doctors will willingly prescribe it for the right conditions, and it can make huge differences to those who have painful acid complaints.

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