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Can Prozac help beat depression?

Prozac is a drug that everyone has heard of. It has been around for years and continues to win support around the world with those who use it to treat their depression and anxiety. These conditions can have many triggers, with many people living with depression for years before they realize that they have a problem. Others are aware that they have depression but do not know how they will treat it. Both of these conditions can be treated easily with Prozac.

Using Prozac is easy. It comes in pill form so that it can be taken easily with meals. The dosage depends on the use, the needs of the individual and also the frequency with which it is to be taken, but most people only take one or two pills a day to help them feel healthy and problem-free. While Prozac is not a miracle cure for all, it can certainly make those who need a lift feel like they can cope with things that would otherwise seem too much to cope with.

There are some controversies in the news about Prozac, as it can in some cases cause dependence and addiction, and some people who are ready to face the world without their treatment can sometimes find Prozac difficult to wean themselves off from. This is something that is widely noted by doctors and is considered when being prescribed to patients, but that is also not a case for everyone, as some people take the treatment for years, suffer no ill effects, and then stop once they are ready so that they can start the next day of their life with a fresh, rested mind.

Prozac is one of the most widely talked about antidepressants in the world, with over 35 million people having been prescribed with it at some point in their lives. This drug has many uses beyond treating depression and anxiety, and for many of those people, they have relied on the treatment to help them live a full and normal life with their own medical complaints.

Prozac is often combined with therapy or psychotherapy to maximize the chances of real and permanent change in the individual. This helps as it lowers the dose needed in the patient and also ensures that they do not drop back down to their original level of depression or anxiety when they stop taking the treatment. The side effects of doing this can be very serious, as many people report becoming suicidal and developing other personality disorders after they begin a course of the drugs or suddenly stop taking it.

Some side effects are quite common in those who have developed a treatment system with Prozac, including general sickness and fatigue, headaches, sleeplessness and some troubles sexually. Dependence and addiction are also major side effects that can often come with the drug, and those who have this addiction can find it very hard to kick. This can sometimes lead to a cocktail of other drugs being prescribed to try and help the individual get rid of their addiction. This is not a recommended way of treating the addiction, but unfortunately it is often the path of many people who want to stop taking the treatment. Most doctors will try and assess a patient before prescribing an addictive drug to see if there is any risk of the individual developing a dangerous addiction.

On the whole, Prozac is an important drug for many and has turned millions of lives around since its inception in 1989. It is a drug that will be used for many years to come to help millions of others begin a healthier and happier life.

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