Propecia is usually prescribed for the treatment of BPH, or benign prostatic hypertrophy as well as male pattern baldness. BPH is also called an enlarged prostate, and causes symptoms such as difficulty or inability to urinate. Male pattern baldness is the loss of hair on the back of the head or a receding hair line. Propecia, also known as finasteride, is part of a class of prescription drugs known as 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

Propecia does not cure BPH, but it does control the symptoms experienced by many men. It usually takes about six months to begin to see the effects of Propecia, such as reduced urinary tract symptoms or the regrowth of hair. If you take Propecia for a full year and the symptoms have not reduced or hair has not begun to regrow, it is unlikely that this drug will help you.

Propecia is usually prescribed to be taken once per day. It is important to take the tablet at the same time each day. If you forget a dose, take it when you think about it. If it is almost time for another dose, skip your missed dose and resume your daily regimen. Never stop taking Propecia without speaking to your doctor. Always take a full dose when prescribed, and never split or divide your Propecia tablets.

When taking any medication, there is always a possibility of side effects. When taking Propecia, the most common side effects are the inability to achieve or maintain an erection, decreased sex drive, a decreased amount of semen and pain in the testicles. If these symptoms persist or become severe, contact your doctor.

Some serious side effects can also occur, and you should contact your doctor if any of these symptoms appear: an increase in breast size, breast discharge or a knot in the breast, rash, itching, hives, or swelling of the face or the lips. These side effects are rare.

Before being prescribed Propecia, you should discuss what medications you are allergic to with your doctor. Also tell your doctor what other medications you are on, such as prescription medications, what over the counter medications you take, vitamins and herbal medications or supplements. Serious drug interactions can occur if you fail to notify your doctor or pharmacists of the medications you are taking together.

Many men seek medication online because it is hard to find time to sit all day in a waiting room. Also, some problems are too embarrassing to discuss with your doctor. When seeking medications online, it is important to turn to a reputable source. Find a website that has doctors on staff who take full medical histories and make every attempt to assure that you are taking safe, legal drugs.

Sometimes Propecia is combined with other drugs to achieve the best result. If you are advised by your doctor to take more than one medication, always take the recommended dosages and never skip tablets or dosages. Take the amount prescribed, and no more or less. Propecia can be taken with food or without food. Be sure to tell the prescribing physician if you have ever had liver disease.

For many men, the symptoms of an enlarged prostate and the problem of male pattern baldness can be controlled with the use of Propecia or Propecia combined with another prescription. This medication controls the symptoms, but does not cure the underlying causes. If you stop taking the medication, the symptoms will return. In most cases, hair regained after taking Propecia for six months to one year will be lost within 12 months after stopping the drug.

Women should not handle or take Propecia. If the woman is pregnant, or there is any chance she could become pregnant, handling the drug can cause damage to an unborn male fetus. The woman should contact her doctor immediately if she accidentally ingests or touches a Propecia tablet. Keep the medicine in its original container so that it can easily be identified.

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