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Make Prilosec an essential on your grocery list

Prilosec can help with the symptoms and discomfort of heartburn. Prilosec can be purchased over the counter, as mentioned in the brand name Prilosec OTC. Some people find that certain foods can trigger heartburn, including hot foods and those which are known to increase the incidence of gas within the body. Alcohol, especially beer, are known culprits to make heartburn an unwelcome part of the night, and many people avoid eating curries and takeaway food as this can increase the chances of a heartburn attack happening.

Some of the symptoms of heartburn include a cold burning sensation in the throat, a bad taste in the mouth, burping, passing wind and noises from the stomach, as well as nausea, sickness and problems settling at night. These side effects can also lead on to other problems such as a lack of sleep, loss of appetite and less of a drive to socialize and go out for events and meals. This is the reason that the researches responsible for Prilosec have put so much work into making sure it is a treatment that works quickly to fight against the problem of frequent heartburn.

Some interesting facts show just how useful Prilosec is at keeping acid and heartburn at bay. 78% of people who took Prilosec said that their heartburn disappeared completely after taking the first treatment for the first night and over 90% of those who take Prilosec are impressed with the results. These statistics show that Prilosec really is a product that can make a difference to those who suffer frequently from the condition, and also goes as far as to demonstrate that Prilosec is not just another placebo treatment for a condition that can cause so many problems for those who suffer from it.

Most of the people who suffer from heartburn get it at night. This is not because the problem is more common at night, but because the symptoms are generally much more obvious at this time and can be felt with much more intensity. Those who get heartburn during the day often don’t notice it as much, or report very different sets of symptoms. The treatment of Prilosec OTC is not just meant for during the day, but can be used safely at night without impacting the sleep patterns of those taking it. Unlike some other treatments, this tablet does not contain any kinds of stimulant that can cause havoc with the body clock. Those who take Prilosec at night wake up refreshed after an uninterrupted night’s sleep after they have taken it in the evening. Likewise it can also be taken in the day without causing that person to feel drowsy or lethargic.

Perhaps the best thing about Prilosec is that it is one of the best-selling brands of heartburn relief on the market, meaning that it is very widely available and is sold at a competitive price that almost everyone can afford. This is an important factor to the treatment, as many people are put off buying certain medicines due to the price, and often end up buying a less effective or completely non-effective treatment because it saves them a little bit of money on their weekly grocery shop. Prilosec has a competitive price to make it available to all, not as a reflection on the effectiveness of the treatment. This is just one of the many reasons that makes Prilosec one of the leaders of the heartburn and acid reflux market today, and a good bet to be a market leader for many years to come. This is great news for those who have made Prilosec an important part of their shopping list.

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