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Using Prevacid to help with heartburn and indigestion

Prevacid is a treatment that can suppress and even get rid of heartburn when taken in the right dose. This works as a proton pump inhibitor, meaning that it stops the proton pumps within the stomach from creating the acid within the stomach so that acid reflux and heartburn cannot happen. Many people use Prevacid to help with their heartburn situation, as it is a very common ailment, especially after mealtimes when lots of wine or fatty foods have been eaten. Most people will suffer from heartburn at one time or another and so it is always wise to know that Prevacid can help reduce the discomfort from this.

Heartburn is simply the feeling of burning within the throat when there is too much acid in the stomach. This can happen as a result of eating too much rich food or even an intolerance to certain dietary items. Some people find that something as simple as potatoes can give them heartburn. This condition can last for hours and can prevent people from getting a good night’s sleep. This is why having a product such as Prevacid in the bathroom cabinet is a good idea.

Some acid reflux treatments can be chalky tasting with a horrible aftertaste that is almost as bad as the condition itself. This is not nice, especially as the person taking it is hoping for a relief from the discomfort and acidic taste in their mouth. Prevacid is different in that it doesn’t have this bad aftertaste, and is very easy to take. It kicks in very quickly after taking it and can change the person’s whole evening if it is normally ruled by gas caused by a large meal. It is discreet and will not cause any side effects which may embarrass the individual or make it obvious that they have acid reflux.

The medicine is generally safe to use, although it is recommended to stick to the suggested dose on the packet rather than take a larger amount in the hope of seeing quicker results. This is normally suggested as one capsule per episode, but some people may require a slightly larger dose of this, and this is documented in more detail on the Prevacid packaging. If the dosage is not clear, it is advisable to ask a doctor or pharmacist to clarify this.

Some people do not like taking pills due to the fact that they have to be swallowed whole, so it is allowed to split open the slow-release capsules and sprinkle the contents on something that is easier to digest. Some people are happy to drink this with a small amount of water, whereas other people need to eat it within food. Either way is ok for use with Prevacid, although it does mean that the dose may not be steadily released as it is not contained in a specially designed slow-release capsule.

Those who miss their dosage or are unsure of how much they have taken should wait until the next allowed time to have a dose and just take enough for the one episode. There is little risk of overdosing on Prevacid but it is still recommended to use it with care and keep it out of the reach of children in case they try to ingest it. Signals of overdosing normally include sickness, poor digestion, headaches and dizziness, although most people will feel nausea and tend to know they’ve taken too much. Normally the serious side effects only follow those who have a severe allergic reaction or have been taking other medication which has reacted badly to the drug.

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