Taking Paxil

Paxil is a drug that can combat depression and uplift a person’s mood. It is often prescribed to those who find themselves suffering for depression or to those who can’t maintain their interest in anything, get easily distracted, feel lethargic or generally lack the energy to do anything. People who have serious mental conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder and anxiety may also benefit from using Paxil, as well as those who have schizophrenia and post traumatic stress syndrome. All of these disorders and illnesses can benefit from the sufferer taking a moderated regular dose of the drug Paxil.

There are other uses for the drug Paxil that are still being researched, and sometimes the doctor may prescribe this drug to those who have other medical conditions aside from the ones mentioned above, For this reason it is best to speak with a doctor whenever a person is having serious problems behaviorally or with their concentration or mood, as there may be a need for an antidepressant such as Paxil.

The drug can interact badly with some other drugs, including Zyvox, MAOI and Emsam. This is not an exhaustive list, so those who are on any kind of other medication should disclose this to their doctor before taking the antidepressant Paxil. The doctor will have the most relevant list of medication that is not to be taken alongside this drug. He may also be able to prescribe a different treatment that can be taken with current medication.

There are some serious side effects with taking this antidepressant. Some people report finding their moods worsen when taking Paxil and even getting bouts of serious depression after taking it for another reason. This is not an intended side effect and if the person suffers from this then use of the drug Paxil should be ceased immediately and medical help should be sought. Others reported feeling weak, sick or even experiencing physical sickness and nausea after taking a dose of the drug. Some side effects of taking the drug with other medication can be life threatening, so it is worth telling the doctor any information that might pertain to possible side effects developing when a dose of Paxil is administered.

Those who are pregnant should not take the drug. This is because in some cases the chemicals within the drug have been thought to have serious side effects on the unborn child. Paxil can also be passed on to the child in the womb, causing risks to the health of the child as well as an increased risk of depression in later life. Those who find themselves pregnant while in the midst of a course of Paxil should not stop taking the medication immediately as this can cause serious withdrawals and a change in mood. Instead, they should seek immediate medical advice and ask their prenatal nurse for an assessment to make sure no complications have arisen from taking Paxil while pregnant. Only once medical advice has been given can they stop taking the drug and move on to a better treatment that doesn’t risk the health of their unborn baby. The risks of Paxil are serious in some cases, but most people who take it for their depression, mood swings and other illnesses are most likely to notice a positive impact on their life instead. This is because there has been plenty of research into the drug to make sure it is as safe as possible to better help those who suffer from depression, SAD or other debilitating conditions. Paxil can help many people who think there is no cure for the way they are feeling.

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