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The antihistamine Patanol

Summer can bring about itchy eyes and streaming of the face and nose, and treating the individual’s symptoms with Patanol can help alleviate the symptoms and help the person enjoy summer without having to look through red itchy eyes. Patanol is an antihistamine, meaning it reduces the chemical histamine within the body which is known for causing such complaints within the system.

Having an allergy makes daily life that little bit more uncomfortable, those who wear makeup find that they cannot do this as easily as it can set off their allergy and even make the symptoms worse. Constant scratching and rubbing also weakens the skin or sensitive layer on the eye, making it more prone to infection and dryness, as well as making it red and puffy. Using a dose of Patanol in the eye can relive the dry itchy symptoms and help the eye recover so that it looks less swollen, and feels much better moisturized too.

Another use for Patanol is to treat conjunctivitis, which can affect the eyes by making them sore and congested with sticky discharge. This can be at its worst in a morning as the eye has been shut for several hours allowing the discharge to dry and irritate the eye even more. Some people find that this can mean they cannot open their eyes when they first wake up. In these cases it is best to wash the face with clean warm water which will eventually relax the congestion and allow the individual to slowly open their eyes. Once this has been done, Patanol drops can be added to right the congestion.

The best application for Patanol is through the use of eye drops, as these can be administered right at the site of the discomfort for maximum effect. Only one or two drops is required in each eye per day to visibly improve the symptoms of conjunctivitis, which normally include redness of the eyes, tearing and congestion. This condition is contagious which means that those using the eye drops should not share them with anyone else or reuse drops used in previous treatments. It is also recommended to apply the drops without making contact while the solution is still dispensing. Holding the bottle at a good distance above the eye means that the solution can fall into the eye and prevent any cross-contamination between the infected eye and the solution.

Patanol works quickly to reduce soreness and pain that comes with allergies and certain eye conditions, as the solution can be absorbed quickly into the eye through the porus surface that is found on the top layer of the eyeball. This application method ensures direct and even administration of the solution and works quickly, meaning that the individual does not have to wait in pain while the solution begins working.

Eye drops are a common treatment for allergies and eye infections as they can be used right at the site of the pain. Other treatments such as tablets might take longer to kick in and reach the eyes and respiratory system. There is also more of a risk of side effects with certain pills. Some people prefer using eye drops because they are less cumbersome to take and can be applied in a matter of seconds.

An antihistamine treatment such as Patanol is a good start to a healthier body and better breathing. Those who have hayfever will appreciate the effectiveness of Patanol and how it can help them enjoy Summer without the worry of pollen and the effects of the an allergy, and for those with conjunctivitis it can make a huge difference in recovery time.

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