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Taking Ortho as a contraceptive pill

Women who want to use a reliable and helpful contraceptive pill may take a drug known as Ortho to fight the symptoms and make life a little easier through this difficult time. It has a ¬¬¬¬combination of chemicals within it which are designed to help regulate the female hormones within the body and keep things as regular as possible. Estrogen and progestin both help with the regulation of the hormones within the body and help prevent pregnancy. Many women of all ages take this medication to keep their cycle under control, and the drug can be used for several other purposes than just regulating the female reproductive system.

Some girls, particularly those who are going through puberty, may take the contraceptive pill Ortho to cope with changes in their skin cells and secretions that cause acne. This is a very common use for birth control pills as some do have other desirable effects on the body mainly due to the fact that the hormones responsible for causing these effects are changed by the hormones being put in the body as part of the treatment. The pill can also help with weight fluctuations and can help keep the body in shape as part of a healthy diet.

There is some controversy about the contraceptive pill because some argue that it gives across the wrong impression to young women about sex and their own freedom to choose when they become sexually active. Despite this, contraceptive pill Ortho is still a very popular drug with women of all ages being prescribed it. Ortho can also come in a patch format, where the individual applies a medication patch to their body to slowly release the contraceptive chemicals into the body to prevent pregnancy. These are also popular, with almost exactly the same success rate for preventing pregnancies as the contraceptive pill form. The patch is a recent development in medicine so there are still those who do not use this because they do not fully understand how it works or how to use it properly. This will put people off as it is important for a woman to understand how her contraceptive is going to help her prevent unwanted pregnancies – she has to put a lot of faith in the birth control method she is using.

Contraceptive pills normally come in a blister pack with 21 or 28 pills to cover the cycle. Those with only the 21 pills are designed to be taken for three weeks from the beginning of the cycle and then a break of 7 days happens before the woman takes the next set of pills. This seven days is intended as a break for the body to allow it to have a normal cycle, but some pill packs will have 7 extra pills that contain no medication in them – these are designed for those who would rather have a routine of taking a pill each day continuously, as some women find it difficult to remember when to take them and when they have their day off. Ortho comes in a packet very similar to this with handy indications of the start and end of the packet as well as a handy guide of when these should be taken. Many of the types of contraceptive pill such as Ortho also have a strong protective case for each packet so that the individual can take the packet with her if she is staying away from home for the night or even the whole month, this keeps the medication protected from damage and also discreetly contained in a packet that isn’t too obvious for others who might see it in her handbag.

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