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Nizoral can get rid of dandruff

At a certain age, men start to worry about their hair and getting dry and itchy patches known as dandruff. This is an understandable part of middle age as hair, skin and scalp problems can affect as many as fifty percent of the adult population. The hair product market now has many hair shampoo treatments such as Nizoral which claim to help, but how effective is Nizoral at combatting dry itchy skin on the scalp?

Dandruff is caused by the skin on the scalp becoming dry and flaking from the head. Unlike other areas of the body, the skin does not have the freedom to shed as it would on other areas of the body, and because of this it gets caught in the hair, causing what is known as dandruff. The most annoying thing about the condition is that the skin dries as very pale flakes which show up obviously against even the lightest of hair, meaning that it is very hard to hide with anything other than a large hat.

The best way to treat dandruff is to use a shampoo which fights against the grease and flakiness of the scalp. Nizoral does this as it effectively tackles seborrhoeic dermatitis and can reduce the amount with which the scalp can flake and case obvious scaling. It does this mainly because it contains compounds that tackle the bacterial matter that is found on the scalp that can cause dandruff problems. Eventually and with repeat use, Nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo can actually clear away most of the signs of dandruff so that people can have more confidence in how they look and the health of their hair.

Dandruff is bad enough that those who have allergies to certain shampoos or sensitive skin may find that using Nizoral actually make the condition worse. It is suggested that a patch test of the shampoo should be performed before the treatment is applied to the whole head so that any negative reaction to the treatment can be isolated rather than letting the treatment affect the whole head.

When purchasing the shampoo, it is not necessary to buy several bottles as the treatment is only needed two to three times a week for two to four weeks, and the shampoo tends to stretch quite far meaning that the individual does not need to use a large amount of the shampoo each time a treatment is to be applied. Generally speaking, there will only need to be one bottle of the Nizoral shampoo used on the head before the treatment has a full and lasting effect on the scalp.

Some people find that using the shampoo on the skin as a body wash can actually control other conditions such as pityriasis versicolor, which is a fungus found on the skin. Reports suggest that using the shampoo as a body wash on the skin several times a week over a short course of time can actually completely clear up the fungus without it returning. While this is not the intended use for the shampoo, several sources suggest that it really is a viable use for the medicated shampoo, and there are others who go as far as to suggest that Nizoral can help the hair in other ways, preventing hair loss, acting as a hair thickener and generally improving the health of the hair. Despite the different medical opinions on the subject, there is plenty of evidence to suggest that for some people the treatment really did make a difference to their hair, scalp and confidence by treating their dandruff and dry, itchy scalp problems that caused it.

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