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Nasonex nasal spray: how to keep dust allergies at bay

As Winter comes, one of the most heard noises in the office is the sniffing and sneezing of those who have colds. This is one of the most common ailments of those who work around others, especially in an office or school where there is plenty of opportunity for germs to spread and be inhaled into the body. In these sitations a good nasal spray such as Nasonex can help.

Colds are caused by viruses and bacteria getting into the system, particularly when the immune system is weak and cannot properly defend itself. Viruses then take hold of the body and create the external symptoms commonly seen from those who have colds as the body tries to fight off the onset of the virus and return the body back to full health.

Another cause for these symptoms is an allergy, particularly in those who are affected by dust mites or pollen, as this can cause the body’s defenses to awaken and cause the red, swollen appearance on the face that many hayfever sufferers are used to. The Nasonex treatment can be applied directly to the nasal passages and can get to work in a matter of seconds, ensuring that an even application of the spray can help fight the allergy and bring swelling back down. Many people who use Nasonex find that their hayfever and allergy symptoms are much less intense after even the first application of the medication.

There are a few reasons why someone might not use Nasonex, including those who have obvious sores and open wounds on their nose and face. The treatment within Nasonex can cause open sores to heal much more slowly and for this reason those who have damaged skin from constantly blowing the nose or sneezing may wish to wait until these heal before beginning treatment. If treatment of Nasonex begins before the nose is fully healed, there is a chance that this will slow down the process and cause more discomfort for the individual.

One of the main treatments with oral medications is the taste – sprays and medicines can have a nasty taste that can linger on the throat and in the nose and cause a feeling of nausea or sickness. Nasonex does not have a smell or flavor, meaning that it simply gets to work without causing any inconvenience to the person taking it. It also does not contain any ingredients designed to stimulate the mind, such as caffeine, and will not cause drowsiness. This means it’s ideal to be taken in the morning or at bedtime, or even in the workplace where heavy machinery is to be used.

There are some downsides to the treatment, although most of them are rare and will only affect a small sample of people who try Nasonex. Cataracts were found in a small sample of people who tried the treatment, so for this reason it is advisable to keep aware of this risk and go straight to the doctor if any symptoms become apparent, such as redness of the eyes or disrupted vision. Red and white patches around the nose and throat might indicate the onset of thrush, which was found in a small percentage of people who regularly took the medication. This is a very visible condition and so any signs of this beginning should be taken seriously and talked over with a doctor before treatment is allowed to continue. There are also some risks of increased chances of certain other conditions, with fever and sickness being common amongst those who noticed side effects. On the whole it is wise to keep an eye on the person taking the treatment in the first few days to make sure no side effects develop or are left untreated.

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