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The birth control pill Mircette

Birth control is an important part of both a woman and also a man’s life, which is why Mircette is used by so many women across the country to lower their chances of an accidental pregnancy while still being able to enjoy the pleasures of a healthy sex life. Taking birth control pills such as Mircette is often a decision that is made in the early years of adulthood when the woman is not yet ready to start a family, but is sexually aware and wants to have control of her body.

There are also other uses for birth control besides preventing accidental pregnancies. Some people will take birth control pills to keep a low body weight or boost their metabolism. There is also some proof to show that certain combinations of birth control medication can help fight acne and give skin a better radiance, and other are known for their ability to regulate mood and general wellbeing. The fact is that although the name of the medication – birth control pills – suggests they have the one function, some of the most common reasons for diagnosing Mircette are for reasons other than sexual health. One thing that is made clear in the prescription of birth control pills is the fact that it does not prevent against sexually transmitted disease. Because it does not create a barrier against the exchange of bodily fluids, there is still a high risk that someone suffering from an STI may infect their partner if they are relying on birth control pills alone. For this reason it is always recommended to use condoms alongside Mircette unless the couple are monogamous and have both undergone an STI test.

Another risk of birth control such as Mircette is that it does not always work. Some statistics suggest that birth control pills are only as much as 90% effective at preventing pregnancy, and this is not even counting the lowered success rates at preventing pregnancy caused by forgetting to take the pill, ineffectiveness through other drug use and also those who simply aren’t sure how to use it properly. Most of the pregnancies that happen on a medication such as Mircette are caused by incorrect use of the method rather than the medication not working as it should.

There have been some controversies surrounding the use of Mircette and other contraceptive pills due to the fact that they are offered quite openly as an option of birth control to those who may be considered too young to engage in sexal activity. The counter argument of this is that prevention is better than cure and that children and young adults need to learn from an early age the risks of unprotected sex and also the steps that they can take to reduce the risks for themselves. It also gives children the opportunity to choose for themselves how they best look after their bodies, giving them a sense of responsibility from a young age and allowing them the freedom to choose what medication they want to take. There are those that argue that this approach persuades young children to engage in sexual activity before they are at the right age to do so, and gives them a fake sense of reassurance that they are allowed to do this. The truth is that with the proper education to the risks, children and young adults benefit from a greater understanding of how sex and relationships play a part in everyday life, and giving them an option to use something such as Mircette to protect themselves puts across a very important message of self-respect and control.

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