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Lexapro is a very popular depression medication in the US

Teenage years are some of the most difficult, but Lexapro is there to help. The drug can be used to combat depression in those who many have chronic mood swings and are prone to manic episodes, as it contains active ingredients which can help keep the mood swings under control. Lexapro is the second most approved drug for depression, and is often prescribed by doctors because it is known to be effective in helping treat depression without having too many side effects.

The medication Lexapro can help due to the fact that it is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor, which means it can shift the balance of hormones within the brain to make the person feel less manic or depressed and generally improve the wellbeing of the individual. It is only available by prescription, and is only given after a thorough medical assessment so that those taking Lexapro know that it is because it will be well suited to their needs.

The medication contains a mixture of treatments that will help increase the amount of serotonin in the brain, the chemical responsible for feelings of happiness and good mood. It is often found in short supply for those who are found to have depression, and so medications such as Lexapro have been developed to slowly increase the level of serotonin in a way that mimics the brain’s natural release of these chemicals in a healthy person. It also blocks the absorption of the chemical, also known as a neurotransmitter, so that there is more of the ‘happy’ chemical within the brain to increase a healthy and happy mood.

There are many reasons that a person may go through depression at some time in their life. The main cause is a major change or shift in personal situations meaning that the body and mind have to also adjust quickly to cope. Sometimes this can lead to an imbalance of the right chemicals and neurotransmitters within the body and thus depression can take hold. Another cause of depression is pregnancy, as this is one of the most stressful times on the female body. Physically this can create shifts in the way the body copes with the changes and also can sometimes cause the brain to release and absorb too many of the wrong types of chemical, and so prenatal depression is a very common situation. A similar thing happens when the baby is born, as the body needs to adjust back to a non-pregnant state, and this can also cause a great upset in the ecosystem within the body. Lexapro is just one of many drugs that can be prescribed for depression, although not all will be suitable for those who are nursing.

Getting the right medication can be a struggle, but Lexapro is prescribed to nearly 20m adults in the United States of America meaning that it is one of the most readily available treatments around. There is less of the stigma attached to suffering from depression and manic episodes than there used to be, meaning that those who need treatment for their depression can easily find it. Lexapro is commonly prescribed and is available at almost all pharmacies around the US.

Consulting with a doctor when being prescribed antidepressants is important as they can decide which treatments are best suited to the patient depending on the type of depression that the individual has, as well as the medical history of that patient. For this reason it is not advisable to use medication such as Lexapro without consulting a medical professional about the risks and benefits first. Once this has been done, there is no reason why a person can’t live a healthy and full life after depression.

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