Erectile dysfunction, or impotence, can be a problem that many men find difficult to speak to their regular physician about. This condition is usually physical, and is no more than a simple matter of adequate blood flow to the penis. However, the Internet offers many men an element of privacy that can help them seek out the treatment they need to resume normal sexual relations with their partners. Be sure to select a website that is staffed by qualified doctors before ordering Levitra or any other drug or medication online.

Erectile dysfunction, or ED for short, is currently experienced by an estimated 30 million men. There are a number of causes of erectile dysfunction, including high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes. ED is usually a physical condition which responds well to treatment. Many men are able to resume and maintain an active, healthy sex life with the help of erectile dysfunction treatments, such as Levitra.

No matter what the underlying cause of erectile dysfunction may be, the ultimate problem is the lack of adequate blood supply to the penis. The flow of blood is necessary to achieve and maintain an erection. Levitra and other drugs developed to treat erectile dysfunction help to increase the blood flow necessary to achieve and maintain an erection.

A Levitra rapid tablet is also available. This dose is developed to speed the effectiveness of Levitra. Never use the rapid tablet if the blister pack has been torn, punctured, damaged or is in questionable condition. Carefully read and follow the instructions on the package to ensure you receive a safe and adequate dosage of Levitra when using the rapid tablets.

Levitra is a brand name of the drug Verdenafil. Levitra is manufactured by the company Bayer Pharmaceuticals. Levitra is usually taken orally (by mouth) about one hour before sexual intercourse. Most men can safely take up to one Levitra by mouth every 24 hours, or once per day. Men with certain medical conditions may be advised to take Levitra less frequently, such as once every 48 hours.

It is always important to tell your doctor about any drugs you are taking, including over the counter as well as prescription drugs. Possible drug interactions can occur. It is also important to tell your doctor about any allergies you have to medications to ensure that Levitra is not among the drugs that might cause an allergic reaction. Drug interactions can occur with herbal medications as well as over the counter and prescription drugs. Tell your doctor about herbal supplements or medications you take, such as St. John's Wort.

Only you and your doctor can determine if Levitra is right for you. Have an open, honest discussion with your doctor about your erectile dysfunction and your other medical history or conditions. Then, your doctor can make an informed decision about the treatment that is right for you. For millions of men, this treatment is exactly what the doctor ordered to help them regain their sex lives. If you are having difficulties getting or maintaining an erection, Levitra is one of the tools your doctor has to help you return to your normal, active self.

Every drug has potential side effects. For men taking Levitra, the most common and less serious side effects include nausea, abdominal pain, back pain and hypersensitivity to light. Other side effects may include vision problems, eye pain, facial odema, hypotension, palpatattion, tachycardia, arthralgia, myalgia, a rash and itching. In a very few cases, serious side effects have occurred, including heart attack, priapism (a serious medical condition which can cause permanent impotence) and sudden hearing loss (deafness).

If you experience any serious side effects while taking Levitra, contact a medical professional for immediate assistance. This includes cases in which an erection lasts more than four hours. Levitra can also be perscribed by doctors for other “off label” uses in addition to erectile dysfunction. Off label uses are uses for the drug besides the FDA approved treatments of the drug.

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