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Kenalog creams, mouth gels and injections

Kenalog is a topical cream that can be applied to the site of pain to ease allergic reactions, skin complaints such as eczema and anything that causes swelling and redness of the skin. The cream contains an active ingredient that soothes the sore surface of the skin, and is also absorbed into the cells of the skin to work on the inside of the body for maximum healing benefits.

This treatment doesn’t only come in a topical cream, but it can also be used as a mouth gel for ulcers within the mouth and on the gums. The gel creates a protective coating over the gum to stop infection from entering the mouth, and also works within the ulcer to calm the stinging feeling and fight the bacteria causing the ulcer. Using Kenalog on the mouth is an effective treatment that can heal mouth ulcers in as little as 2-3 days. This treatment is not intended for prolonged use of more than 14 days. The treatment comes in an injection form which is particularly effective in treating extreme hayfever, and the injection contains steroids to help the solution affect the right areas. This can cause some side effects such as swelling under the skin, puckering of the injected area, and some discoloration, so many people choose to avoid this type of treatment unless they are sure that it is a required step with regards to their hayfever. Generally, the use of Kenalog should be used sparingly on the affected area and only rubbed gradually into the affected area. Putting too much pressure on the skin can cause it to become inflamed or irritated, and the cream will need time to soak in to start having a real effect on the area. Most people who use Kenalog topical tend to use it before going to sleep, as this allows several hours for the treatment to be absorbed into the skin and the treatment to start tackling the site of the irritation.

There are some side effects to using Kenalog that are quite standard for this type of treatment. As it is normally administered in a cream-based formula, there is a risk of those with sensitive skin having a reaction to the cream. This is why it is generally recommended to perform a spot test with the treatment before applying it to a wider area. If there is no adverse reaction to the treatment after 24 hours, further treatment is generally safe to apply. Some people have reported slight nausea when using the treatment, or slight changes in mood, however there is little reported risk of overdosing with the treatment if only applied externally. The most serious reported side effects are that of halos appearing around light in the eyes, significant weight gain and some irregular heartbeats or palpitations. If any of these side effects start occurring, it is necessary for the individual to cease using the product and in the worst cases seek medical advice to make sure there is no lasting damage.

The dental paste is generally safe to use, although it is strongly advised against to use more than a small amount to make contact with the damaged skin, and those using it should try not to swallow excess amounts of the treatment. As the gel is intended as a seal to protect the open sore, it may not form the necessary adhesive if the surface of the gum is still moist. Therefore it is recommended to dry the skin surface before applying the gel so that this medicated seal can form to keep infection out and make sure the medication is absorbed correctly into the mouth ulcer area.

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