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Using Gris for the treatment of ringworm

Ringworm and athletes foot can be uncomfortable and unsightly, so many people use Gris to help target the source of infection and fight against the pain caused by this disorder. This kind of fungus can be caused by infections from the ground or clothing, especially in places where the foot is damp or conditions are warm and unhygienic. Sometimes people can live with ringworm for many months before looking at viable treatments for the condition. Gris does not work for every type of ringworm or fungal infection and so it is advised to consult a doctor before taking the treatment, as there could be a better medication than Gris for this particular infection.

Unlike many modern medicines which can be taken on an empty stomach, Gris is recommended to be taken with a meal or glass of full fat milk. This helps the body absorb the treatment and will help the Gris treatment get right to the source of the infection. Normally adults are prescribed one treatment per day with the full 300-400 mg of Gris, and this can be continued for up to 8 weeks for the most severe case of ringworm of the foot, although this may be longer if the doctor deems it necessary.

Ringworm is an infection that can happen over the body, leaving unsightly red welts and itchy patches of skin where the infection occurs. The name suggests that this is caused by parasites, but the actual fact is that ringworm is a fungus that can affect the skin causing dry skin and oozy patches where the infections fester. It can affect the hands, feet, body and scalp, which can all be treated by Gris. Those who know they are suffering from ringworm should make sure they do not share bedding and personal items with others, as this can pass the infection on. It is also advisable to clean all bedding and clothing between different people using them, as ringworm may not have been detected yet on a person, and can still be as infectious. A general rule is that towels and hairbrushes should not be shared between people, as these can be a fast track way to pass ringworm between people. Despite the stigma attached with suffering from fungal infections, up to 20% of the population have or will have ringworm at some point in their life, and for this reason Gris is a commonly prescribed treatment. The dose may seem much longer than the actual life of the infection, but the drug is designed to destroy all traces of ringworm within the body and so it is strongly recommended that those undergoing a treatment of Gris for ringworm complete the course. Any leftover treatment should be discarded after full treatment has been completed.

There are a few side effects of using Gris to treat ringworm, but these are normally problems with the digestion due to the body adjusting to the Gris treatment. However, more serious side effects might involve sleeplessness, nausea and vomiting and strange feelings in the hands and feet. If these occur the taking of Gris should be immediately ceased until further medical advice is sought.

Gris can interfere with birth control pills so it is always advised to use alternative methods of birth control during this time, and those who are allergic to penicillin may find that they have an adverse reaction to the drug. In this case the treatment may need to be altered so that a non penicillin-based treatment can be administered instead of Gris to avoid any further complications.

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