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Fluoxetine as a way to beat depression

Many Americans use Fluoxetine as a way to beat depression, or any other disorder they may have. It was so popular that there were over 20 million prescriptions used for Fluoxetine in the United States alone last year, and this figure continues to rise. There is some controversy about the use of the drug over a prolonged period of time, as it can become addictive, and has been known to cause drug abuse in adults.

There are other uses for Fluoxetine (more commonly known as Prozac), including treating bulimia and obsessive compulsive disorder. The drug is known mainly for its calming almost sedative effects which can leave the individual in a slight state of relaxation and increased feelings of wellbeing. These desirable effects mean that Fluoxetine is often sought by those who do not have any noticeable ailments or disorders, but rather enjoy the feeling that the treatment brings.

The drug is not often prescribed to those under the age of 25 as studies over the years have suggested that increased use of Fluoxetine can lead to suicidal thoughts and increase the incidence of suicide while on the drug by more than double. The studies showed that over the age of 25, these thoughts decreased, and by the age group of 65 this was not an element that was factored into the prescription of the drug for medicinal purposes. There is still a lot of discussion for both sides of the argument that Fluoxetine can lead to suicidal thoughts, and some people believe that on the contrary, it can actually prevent the occurrence of suicide in those who are taking the drug.

There are strong warnings about the prescription of Fluoxetine alongside certain other drugs for the potential risk of the individual developing serotonin syndrome. This side effect is serious and can be fatal, with a very quick onset and symptoms that can be mistaken for other illnesses. Serotonin syndrome generally starts with hyperactivity in the heart which can affect the pupils and make them dilated. The temperature can increase with this, and bring with it tremors and eventually shock. Eventually muscle twitching and a very high temperature over 106 degrees fahrenheit can, in the worst cases, lead to death, and this has been observed in a number of cases where Fluoxetine and other drugs taken in succession have led to the syndrome.

Because of the rare but serious risk of the dangerous side effects from the use of Fluoxetine, it is often prescribed with care and should not be used by anyone who has not had a full examination of their condition by a well-qualified medical professional. Under the right circumstances the drug can help keep other illnesses under control and help the individual heal and relax, and there is a lot of potential for the drug Fluoxetine to change lives in a positive way. However, the drug can be very addictive, leading to dependence on the treatment and a higher risk of overdose and complications arising from the use of the drug with other medications, so extreme care should be advised when taking it. Some controversy surrounds the drug and possible other side effects in behavior, although there are cases for and against all of these arguments.

On the whole, Fluoxetine is a powerful drug with many viable uses, however it should be used for specific applications and not as a recreational treatment without the necessary medical supervision. It is widely regarded as one of the safest antidepressants and was recently allowed as one of four drugs that pilots can take without being disallowed from operating an aircraft. It also reportedly has one of the lowest reports of discontinuation syndrome – the effect of ceasing to take the drug after prolonged use.

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