Flonase nasal spray

Summer is always less enjoyable when you have an allergy. The sun, pollen and even just the general outdoors can lead to runny noses, sneezing, watering eyes and irritable skin. These are all the symptoms of allergy that Flonase can help with, as this nasal spray gets right to the source of the irritation to provide useful and valid pain relief. It can also be used for those who have allergies around the house, to pets or simply contract a cold or the flu, as it tackles the source of the illness reaction.

The treatment comes in a handy spray bottle, which has an application tube to be inserted up the nasal passage ready for treatment administration. The pump is then activated which releases the treatment into the nasal passage to get to the site of the blockage and infection quickly. Normally a single bottle of the Flonase treatment will administer up to 120 pump doses before the dose becomes unreliable and the treatment should be replaced.

There may be some reactions with Flonase and other certain drugs such as HIV treatments or Nizoral, and therefore it is advisable not to take Flonase if these treatments are already being used. In these cases there may be a more suitable alternative on the market, which will be best advised by a doctor. The nasal spray may not be suitable to those who get regular nose bleeds or find that this starts to occur when they begin using Flonase, as this could be a sign that there are serious side effects happening within the body.

The treatment of Flonase is quick and easy, with most people only needing a single treatment of up to two sprays of the medication up each nostril per day. This is normally enough Flonase to help fight the onset of a cold or reaction to an allergy, which makes many people choose it as their treatment of choice. The bottle is small and portable, meaning that it can be taken outside of the home – especially useful for those who tend to get hayfever or sniffles when away on holiday.

A downside of the treatment is that it can be hard to administer, as the bottle has a pump spray that can be difficult to work. It is also unpleasant to some people as it propels the treatment right to the back of the nasal passage, which can be quite an uncomfortable feeling for some. In these cases it might be easier to ask someone else to administer it. Sometimes the bottle spray may not work on the first attempt. After not using the spray for a while, the pump can stop spraying accurately. In these cases, a few ‘priming’ sprays can be used to get the solution flowing again, and this normally works as expected after 4-6 pumps of the bottle. Sometimes if the solution has been left open for too long, it may be necessary to throw away the existing medication and purchase a new bottle. Luckily the treatment is inexpensive, meaning that this can quite easily be done by most.

As the Flonase treatment is nasally administered, the individual must take care not to get the solution in their eyes. If this happens it can sting and cause temporary discomfort that may require medical attention. If contact with eyes does happen, the best course of action is to rinse the eyes and face in clean water and cease using the product until the pain has stopped. The treatment is not designed to be swallowed or used in any way not mentioned on the main packaging, as this can lead to further complications.

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