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Taking Famvir for the treatment of genital herpes

Famvir is a drug that treats genital herpes, and can help keep the infection from reoccurring within the body. It works by attacking the current or onset of an outbreak and clears up the symptoms quickly to reduce pain and discomfort from the condition. Genital herpes is an infection that is passed normally through unprotected sexual intercourse with an infected person. Once the infection is in the body, that individual is more likely to suffer from outbreaks in the future and must be careful when they engage in sexual activity with others in the future. If left untreated, genital herpes can cause infertility and in some of the worst cases it can even lead to death, which is why a treatment such as Famvir is so important.

The drug Famvir is not just for herpes, and can be used to also treat other genical conditions such as cold sores and HIV mucosa. It can also be used to treat shingles, and has many other uses too depending on the ailments suffered by the individual. The first infection of herpes can be controlled with Famvir, meaning that the painful sores and telltale signs of an outbreak disappear. Once infected, a person may still be able to give the herpes virus to others, whether they have visible symptoms or not, so Famvir is only a stepping stone to avoiding the infection causing further damage to the health of those who are sexually active.

Sexual health can be an embarrassing topic, and those who experience the symptoms for the first time may not want to go to their local healthcare provider to discuss treatment. Luckily, throughout the US there are many sexual health clinics that specialize in discreet and effective sexual health advice and treatment at little or no cost to the individual, and many of these also have the ability to prescribe Famvir. It is not intended to be an ongoing treatment for the general condition, but more an effective relief against the side effects of a herpes outbreak. It can fight the infection within the body so that an outbreak does not reach full development. Many people choose to use Famvir as a regular treatment when they feel the first signs of an outbreak, and it is effective when used in this way. For others they will only seek this kind of medical treatment when their herpes outbreak has got to the point where the infection is causing their obvious discomfort, and for these patients Famvir may take a little longer to take effect on the infection.

Famvir is an anti-viral drug that can be taken in pill form, in mixed doses such as 125mg depending on the severity and intensity of the herpes outbreak. It can also help with other ailments such as chicken pox, and can have other benefits to the person taking it. There are also some side effects of taking the drug, which may vary depending on the health of the person taking it. More information on these can be obtained from a sexual health nurse or local doctor, and may depend on current and pre-existing conditions as well as the individual’s family medical history. It is always worth closely monitoring the first administration of the treatment for signs of the onset of any of these symptoms as there are likely other drugs which will treat the symptoms better in a small number of specialist cases. For most, however, the availability of Famvir means that they can get effective and instant pain relief from the frustration of genital herpes without having to undergo painful or expensive surgery or seek further medical help.

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