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The two main benefits of Evista

There are many health concerns of women as they grow older, one of which is breast cancer. This is more common in older women and can be a major worry to those who may have a family history of the condition. This is why Evista is a brilliant treatment for those going through the menopause and thinking about their health, as it can not only treat osteoporosis but can also lower the risk of invasive breast cancer. Some drugs can actually increase the risk, which is why many women opt for Evista as their treatment for osteoporosis when consulting their doctors.

Evista does not treat breast cancer, and other treatments should be sought for the treatment and rehabilitation of the patient going through cancer. The reason Evista is a recommended drug for many is that it treats osteoporosis, a condition that often happens after the menopause, and also reduces the risk of invasive breast cancer which can also increase in risk after the menopause. Some women take Evista for the preventative benefits of the drug alone.

Osteoporosis is caused by brittle bones, caused by the thinning of the bones over time, especially as a woman ages. After the bone mass is reduced beyond a certain point, osteoporosis can occur, leading to easily damaged bones, stiffness and pain. This is a worrying condition for many women, as they may feel it limits their ability to live a normal life, so the prescription of Evista can be life changing for many women in this position. It not only helps prevent the thinning of the bones caused by osteoporosis, but it can even increase bone density and make the bone stronger. This in turn can lead to less damage and pain, increasing the quality of life for those who have suffered from brittle bones in the past. Osteoporosis is not life-threatening in most cases, but can seriously affect the person suffering from it.

The studies that have been carried out on Evista recently show a brilliant increased prevention rate for women suffering from breast cancer. In recent studies, it was suggested that Evista can reduce the risk of this terrible disease by up to 71%. For a cancer that affects over 1.3 million women worldwide each year, this means that hundreds of thousands of women’s lives can be saved thanks to Evista and other cancer prevention methods. It means that as a drug, Evista has incredible benefits to those taking it.

There are of course some disadvantages to taking it, and as previously mentioned, Evista does not cure breast cancer but simply reduce the risk of it developing. It also does not prevent other types of cancer and should be used as a part of a healthy lifestyle. The individual should make sure they are also eating well and avoiding triggers that could lead to cancer, such as smoking and prolonged exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. Some harmful side effects can happen when taking Evista, so it is recommended to monitor the use of the drug and cease taking it if the patient notices any leg pain, coughing or blood in the saliva, shortness of breath and swelling of limbs. These could be signals that the body has a blood clot, which can lead to serious health complications and in rare cases, death. Therefore it is recommended to disclose any previous medical illnesses or family history of related conditions before being prescribed Evista. Under the right conditions, Evista can be a drug that changes the quality of women’s health for the better, but for those who find they cannot take Evista, there are other alternatives on the market that could also help.

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