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Looking after your skin with Eurax

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so it’s a wonder why there are so many people who suffer from skin complaints and yet choose to do nothing about it. When the skin becomes dry, cracked and irritated, it can affect that person’s whole life, but many people choose to use a drug known as Eurax to combat the discomfort and pain. Eurax contains crotamiton and hydrocortisone, and effectively helps with the discomfort of over ten different skin complaints. These include sunburn, allergic outbreaks, skin rashes and general itching. For many people, the application of Eurax brings instant relief and is a vital part of their skin routine when they have an outbreak.

Eurax is a topical cream, and can be applied directly to the affected areas. The cream has ingredients that soak into the skin cells and work directly from inside, but it also contains an agent that cools and relieves the skin on the outside. This is why so many people choose it as an effective solution for nasty sunburn and irritations that can cause the skin to burn and become sensitive.

Many children suffer from some form of skin irritation, with the worst part being that they don’t know not to scratch it! When slightly more unusual methods such as oven mitts on the hands don’t work, it’s always reassuring to know that Eurax can be used on infants to help relieve the pain caused by everyday irritations. As with any medication to be given to a child, it is best to seek medical advice before applying the treatment, and trying a spot test on the skin first to make sure there are going to be no unexpected reactions to the treatment when it is applied over a larger skin area.

Sometimes it is unavoidable to get some kind of skin irritation from the sun. Although it is always recommended to use skin protection when going out in the sunshine for any prolonged period of time, sunburn can also occur on cloudy days or after only a few minutes of sun exposure. At times where sun burn has happened, Eurax can help. Skin irritation can also happen as a result of other medication, where allergic reactions and skin soreness can occur. It may be that the medication causing these mild side effects is very effective in all other ways, and so Eurax can be used to treat the side effects so that treatment can continue. It is a flexible treatment that doesn’t often clash with other medical treatment. Despite this, it is still recommended to thoroughly research possible side effects of the taking of two or more different medications at once.

Eurax is not to be used as a long term treatment of sore or irritated skin. Normally the maximum time suggested for use is 10-14 days, after which time other skin treatment options should be considered. It is also worth looking at other ways the skin can be calmed, such as drinking more fluids during the day, avoiding prolonged sun exposure and using a light moisturizer on the skin as a preventative method. Certain other cosmetics might cause reactions, so those who have sensitive skin should look at their daily beauty routine to see if there may be any other creams or treatments they are using which are contributing to the problematic skin complaints. Another cause of itchy dry skin is a poor diet, where the skin is not getting enough nutrients to protect itself against the harsh elements in the air. Certain vegetables and meats can help renew these nutrient levels under the skin.

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