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Using Elidel to treat eczema

Itchy skin can be more than just an irritation, it can change people’s lives and make their skin the only thing they can concentrate on. For this reason, many people are getting prescribed the drug known as Elidel to fight against Eczema and dryness under the skin. Many reviews say that it works wonders, so is this a miracle cure as many people are saying?

A large amount of people suffer from eczema on a daily basis and have learned to live with the intense itching, soreness and general pain caused by the condition. Suffering from eczema can make a person have to consider every part of their daily life and how it will affect their skin, such as the clothes they wear, the food they eat and the lotions and treatments that will make contact with their skin – the wrong choices can leave the sufferer in agony for hours. This is why Elidel is a wonderful drug for some. Elidel is a cream which can be applied to the skin when a flare-up occurs to control the itching and redness. It provides instant relief to those with pain, and does not require a length of time for the relief to happen – the effects are almost instant. The drug is a cytokines inhibitor, meaning that secretions from the skin cells that can lead to the irritations of eczema are prevented from affecting the skin in the normal way. This brings with it a relief from the general itching and discomfort caused by the condition. A downside of using Elidel is that it is not intended for long term use. The cream is meant to be used at the first signs of a flare up in order to keep the condition under control and manage the discomfort of the particular flare-up, but there are warnings about using it as a treatment for the overall condition over time. The FDA has spent time analyzing the drug and in some countries Elidel has to be sold with a warning on the package about the potential effects of using the drug over a long period of time. Some of these side effects are affected skin pigmentation, thinning of the skin, a burning sensation and skin infection. For some, the relief brought by the treatment is worth the risks associated with its long term use.

Doctors should not prescribe Elidel to those who have any infections of the skin such as herpes and chicken pox, as this can cause severe adverse reactions to the treatment. There is no guidance as to using this drug during pregnancy, although a general rule is to use a minimal amount of prescription drugs during this time, and revert to more natural treatments to minimize the chances that the treatments might negatively affect the unborn baby.

One piece of advice that many find hard to follow is the warning not to drink alcohol while using Elidel. The reason for this is that alcohol can dehydrate the body and skin, and using Elidel while under the influence of alcohol can cause the skin to swell, itch, burn and break out in a nasty rash. It is not a common side effect, and some people noticed no notable change in the effectiveness of the treatment while under the influence of alcohol. However, it is worth understanding the risks of taking Elidel and the various side effects that can occur, as there are likely other drugs which may work better for a small group of people who do experience side effects while using Elidel. For most, however, Elidel is the type of drug that helps keep their symptoms under control so that they can feel more comfortable and confident in their skin.

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