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Cholesterol is a form of fat carried in the bloodstream. It is commonly measured two ways—in low-density form (LDL) and high-density form (HDL). LDL cholesterol has been connected to an increased risk of clogged arteries and coronary heart disease. LDL cholesterol levels can be effected both by a person’s biology—inherited traits—other diseases like diabetes and by diet.

Crestor is AstraZeneca’s version of the drug rostuvastatin. Crestor and other statin drugs inhibit the production of a certain cholesterol-promoting enzyme in the liver. Statins like Crestor and Zocor are some of the most-prescribed prescription drugs in the world.

Crestor’s side effects are generally minimal—constipation, heartburn and dizziness. Occasionally some patients experience muscle weakness and chest pain. The drug is generally not prescribed for patients who are pregnant, nursing or suffer from a liver disorder.

Cholesterol testing is a basic part of a regular physical. Doctors will generally prescribe lifestyle changes—diet, exercise, etc.—first in an effort to control cholesterol before resorting to medication.

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