Aphthasol is a beige-colored oral paste that’s uses to treat aphtous ulcers, better known as canker sores, inside the mouth; its main ingredient is amlexanox. If you use this medication, your canker sores will clear up much faster, and they won’t cause you as much pain, either. You should go see your doctor or dentist as soon as you notice a canker sore so you can start using this product as soon as possible; the sooner you start to use it the more effective it is. (And make certain to call your doctor is you’re using Aphthasol correctly and your canker sores don’t disappear, or at least significantly heal, within ten days.) Of course, canker sores are not a major health problem, and you may choose to simply live with your canker sores until they go away on their own. Aphthasol is usually applied to a canker sore four times daily: once after each of your three meals, and once just before you go to sleep at night. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you put this product on. It’s also preferable if you can brush and floss your teeth right before you apply this product – of course, that might not always be possible. Also, just before you put the Aphthasol paste on, try to take a clean soft cloth and dry off the sore; this makes it easier for the paste to do its job effectively. Then dampen your index finger with some clean water, and squeeze the Aphthasol tube until a quarter-inch or so of paste is on your moistened finger. Be gentle when covering the canker sore with the paste. You want to cover up that sore, but you don’t want to rub the paste in. Once the paste is on, wash your hands once more. You don’t want this product to get in your eyes.

Generally speaking, Aphthasol is a very mild medicine to take. There are no restrictions as to what you can eat, drink or do while you’re on this medication. And even if you were to overdose on it, this medicine will probably not pose any threat to your life. Sometimes when you apply this medication inside your mouth you might feel it sting or burn a little. Less common side effects include nausea and / or vomiting. Other side effects are even more unusual. If it turns out that you’re allergic to amlexanox, however, you may find that your lips, tongue or face has swollen up, and you may break out in hives or have trouble breathing, in which case you need emergency medical care. If you’re pregnant your doctor may allow you to use this medication, although you probably won’t be able to if you are breastfeeding. And some groups of people won’t be able to use Aphthasol at all: such people would include patients with immune diseases and deficiencies, and patients undergoing treatments for cancer. You should also inform your doctor or dentist of all the other medications or herbal treatments you’re on, just to be certain that none of them will conflict with the Aphthasol.

You should store your Aphthasol container at room temperature, somewhere where it won’t get moist, somewhere where children can’t get to it, and not in the bathroom. You should keep it in its original container at all times; keep that container closed tightly. Once your doctor or dentist tells you to stop taking this medication, throw the paste away. You might need to speak to a pharmacist regarding the correct way of dispensing of prescription medication. Aphthasol that is out of date should automatically be thrown away as well.

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